About Rogue Clothes

Started in 2007, Rogue Clothes was created by Kevian.


Kevian has worked for 10 year’s developing and designing for Rogue Clothes and currently work’s as a Multimedia Developer for the Ministry of Defence.

Kevian is a Designer and Music Producer
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Music Production: www.kevian.uk
Music Mixes: https://www.mixcloud.com/kevian-liley/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djkevian

Rogue Clothes has the largest collection of Tattoo and Urban Graffiti apparel in England. The Tattoo clothing brand has over 500 unique designs in t-shirts and long sleeve all over prints. Creating a unique brand that has designs from the World of Tattoo, Graffiti and Urban Art. Using digital technology and an original approach the art-form is totally fresh and appeals to all ages. The all over print designs are the most talked about clothing designs ever with visual eye catching graphics that can make anyone look great. Tattoo art-work from around the World makes the Rogue Clothes collection one of the best designer tattoo apparel brands. The graffiti all over print range is popular as it is unique and totally original in conception and creation.

Rogue Clothes is Tattoo Urban Fashion for all.

What People Say

Quick delivery and amazing look. I now have 3 long sleeve tops and always get asked where I bought them.

Ryan T.

Love the designs and have always loved tattoos.

Brad Myers

Had my Rogue
T-Shirts for 3 years and still love wearing them. Great range of designs to suit all.

Karen J.